Preventing Blocked Drains: Crucial Tips for Leatherhead Residents

Blocked drains is a problem most homeowners and renters in Leatherhead and surrounding areas have experienced at some point. No matter how hard you try to maintain your drains, a clog can happen suddenly, disrupting your normal household routine. It can be an annoying and costly problem if not prevented or addressed promptly. While you can always call a professional plumber to handle the situation, prevention is always better than cure. In this article, we will share useful tips on how to prevent blocked drains for Leatherhead residents.

1. Be Cautious About What You Pour Down The Sink

The primary cause of blocked drains is often what we rinse off down our sink drain. Kitchen sinks are not garbage disposal units. Never pour cooking oil, fats, or grease down your drain as they solidify when they cool down, causing a bloc in your system over time. Additionally, coffee grounds and fibrous food wastages like onion skins, corn husks, and eggshells should also be thrown in the trash and not into your sink.

2. Install Screen Traps

The bathroom drains are the most vulnerable to blockages, mainly due to hair, soap, and other personal care products. Installing a screen trap over your drains can help catch these materials before they land in your drain, lowering the risk of clogs.

3. Run Hot Water

Regularly flushing your drain with hot water can help dissolve and wash away the minor clogs before they become a significant issue. It’s a simple yet effective preventive measure. After using your sink or shower, let hot water run for a good minute to eliminate any remaining debris.

4. Don’t Flush Everything Down The Toilet

Most blocked toilets result from flushing items that should not have been flushed in the first place. Only human waste and toilet paper should go into your toilet. blocked drains leatherhead Items like diapers, sanitary pads, wet wipes, paper towels, and others should be disposed of in a bin and not your toilet.

5. Regular Drain Cleaning

Regular drain cleaning can go a long way to prevent drain blockages. You can choose from a range of drain cleaning products available in the market or opt for a natural remedy like baking soda and vinegar. However, do this responsibly as overuse of chemical cleaners may lead to pipe corrosion.

6. Take Care Of Your Outside Drains

Often, homeowners neglect the outside drains. Leaves, dirt, and other outdoor debris can find their way into these drains and cause blockages. Regular cleaning, using leaf guards on gutters, and covers on drains will prevent blockage in the outside drains.

7. Use Plungers

A plunger can be a great tool to deal with minor clogs. They can help dislodge blockages and keep your drains flowing freely. However, remember not to force it too much as it can damage the pipes.

8. Regular Plumbing Checks

Regular professional checks and maintenance can help detect and fix potential drain issues before they escalate. Engage a local Leatherhead plumber for routine checks in your home and ensure your systems are in top shape.

Blocked drains can cause significant inconveniences and disruptions. But by implementing these crucial tips, residents of Leatherhead can effectively prevent blockages in their drain systems. Remember, while DIY methods can solve minor blocks, don’t hesitate to call an expert if the problem is persistent or severe, such as recurring clogs or slow drains.

The goal is to keep your drainage system functioning optimally, promoting a cleaner, healthier living environment for you and your loved ones. With these preventive measures, you can avoid the stresses and costs associated with blocked drains.